The Kawaii-Ass Kid_
Dan lvl65 Archer
I'm a chill kinda person who likes to laugh and make others laugh. Born in '93 and hailing from The Blue Mountains, I don't consider myself an adult because I'm afraid of growing up. I love Illustrations, paintings, concept art, and art related things. I like the animes, but i'm not so big on a lot of the newer ones. I'm a big fan of those crazy vidya games, especially MMORPG's. I'm also a crazy big fan of Kill la Kill, and i'm a SUPAAAHHH fan of One Piece! (Have been since 5th grade.) I also have a huge affinity for superheros and supervillains from my childhood. Protip: Don't follow me if you don't like anime/manga spoilers. (Pic is mega-hella-super rip off of Araki. Specifically Johnny Joestar. Thank)